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Vodafone's Strategic Microsoft Alliance

| 4 min read

Vodafone's investment of $1.5B in AI, developed with Microsoft's technologies, marks a significant shift towards customer-focused AI services.

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X Expands into Financial Services

PayPal Holdings, Inc.
| 3 min read

X, formerly known as Twitter, obtains a money-transmitter license from Utah, marking a significant shift into financial services.

man in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on white and black solar panel

The Impact of 2023 on Solar Energy Stocks

Enphase Energy, Inc.SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.SunPower Corporation
| 4 min read

Despite the struggles faced in 2023, the solar energy sector stands poised for recovery and renewed growth, underpinned by favorable market dynamics.

a heart is shown on a computer screen

Creative Rights vs. AI Development

New York Times Company (The)
| 5 min read

The AI copyright impasse raises concerns about new legislation and legal battles, shaping the future of AI and creative industries.

a close up of a graphics card on a table

Nvidia's Growth and Challenges in 2024

NVIDIA Corporation
| 3 min read

Nvidia's stock soared by 237% in 2023, but challenges from competitors and supply chain constraints may impact its 2024 performance.