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Vodafone's Strategic Microsoft Alliance

| 4 min read

Vodafone's investment of $1.5B in AI, developed with Microsoft's technologies, marks a significant shift towards customer-focused AI services.

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German Investor Morale Rises

| 4 min read

The nuanced nature of the Euro Area's economic sentiment highlights the need for a balanced approach to economic analysis and policy-making.

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New York Manufacturing Plunge

Morgan StanleyGoldman Sachs Group, Inc. (The)
| 4 min read

New York's manufacturing sector faces a significant decline, raising concerns about the near-term outlook and future resilience.

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The Impact of 2023 on Solar Energy Stocks

Enphase Energy, Inc.SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.SunPower Corporation
| 4 min read

Despite the struggles faced in 2023, the solar energy sector stands poised for recovery and renewed growth, underpinned by favorable market dynamics.

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Analyzing Latest Inflation Trends

| 4 min read

The evolving inflation scenario in the US prompts discussions about potential interest rate cuts, influencing the Federal Reserve's decision-making.

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Chinese Economy and New Bank Lending

| 5 min read

China's economy faces deflationary pressures and struggles to regain traction amidst record new bank lending and ongoing challenges.

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Forecast: British House Prices 2024

| 3 min read

British house prices fell by 1.8% in 2023, surpassing expectations, but signs of a potential turning point offer hope for buyers and sellers.